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Steve's Drum Setup

Studio Drumset, Current Setup

Hand Percussion, Current Setup


CYMBALS (shown) DRUMS (shown) (Depth * Width)
Primary Ride (Right)K Zildjian20" Medium Ride SnareLudwig6" * 14"Black Beauty
Secondary Ride (Left)Sabian21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride Small Mounted TomYamaha8" * 12"Tour Series
Flat Ride (Far Right)K Zildjian20" Custom Flat Ride Large Mounted TomYamaha9" * 13"Tour Series
Hi-HatsA Zildjian14" Quick Beat Floor TomYamaha16" * 16"Tour Series
Primary Crash (Center)A Zildjian16" Medium Crash Bass DrumYamaha15" * 21"Tour Series
Secondary Crash (Right)A Zildjian18" Medium Crash HAND PERCUSSION (shown)
Accent Splash (Far Left)Sabian AAX6" Splash Quinto(Center)Toca11"Traditional Series
Accent Splash (Mid Right)K Zildjian8" Splash Cunga(Right)Toca11 3/4"Traditional Series
Accent Splash (Mid Left)K Zildjian10" Splash Tumba(Left)Toca12 1/2"Traditional Series
Accent Crash (Right)K Zildjian12" Splash BongosToca7", 8 1/2"Traditional Series
China Type (Extreme Right)A Zildjian18" China Type (inverted) Cowbell (on floor)LPmounted, with pedal
Cowbell(left of snare)Latin PercussionRock Ridge Rider HARDWARE
AVAILABLE CYMBALS (not shown) Bass Drum PedalDrummer's Workshop Double PedalDW-9000
Rock/Pop Primary RideA Zildjian20" Medium Ride Tom MountsRIMSRIMS
Specialty RideA Zildjian20" Mini-Cup Ride StandsYamahaDouble Braced
Light-Jazz RidePaiste20" 2002 Flat Ride ThroneLudwigHercules
Effect CymbalA Zildjian20" Marching Crash Drum Machine/MetronomeBossDr. RhythmDR-550


Not Shown
CB-700Secondary (gigging) 5-piece Drumset Ludwig6" * 14" Steel Snare Drum
SlingerlandWooden 14" * 14" Marching Snare Drum Yamaha6" * 14" Steel Snare Drum


Vic Firth "Peter Erskine"Pro-Mark "Hot Rods"Regal Tip "Flares"Regal Tip Wire Brushes

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